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Investing in stocks is about more than just finding good companies selling for an attractive price.  Investors also need to sell those companies – even good companies – when the price is not attractive and prospects for appreciation have diminished.  The Market Update focuses on both buying and selling and since 2008, 92% of the DAGMA Market Update’s recommended stock and exchange-traded fund investments have been profitable:  300 out of 325 positions, at an average gain of 16.7% per position.  The high success rate is not an accident:  by analyzing historical precedent, any investor can determine when probability favors stock price appreciation, and when it does not – with resulting accuracy of greater than 90%!

What is historical precedent saying about the prospects for U.S. stock market right now?  To find out, sign up for a free trial to the DAGMA Market Update today!

This Week In the Market Update…

Tornado Watch. Now that spring is in full swing in the United States, it won’t be long until the danger of tornadoes dominates the weather news in many parts of the country. As every reader probably knows, when the danger of a tornado forming is high, the National Weather Service will issue a “tornado watch.” If an actual tornado is spotted, the tornado watch is changed to a “tornado warning.”

Investors should consider themselves on tornado watch as far as their equity portfolios are concerned. The conditions are ripe right now for a tornado in the U.S. stock market, a tornado that could devastate your portfolio. Read more

Chart of the Week

If the stock market’s bull market is going to continue, eventually stock prices are going to have to reach new all-time highs, something they haven’t done in the S&P 500 index since last May. Is the bull market still going has a bear market been underway for months? Find out more in the March 14 issue of the Market Update.

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Top 5 Stocks

Based on closing prices on 4/22/16. There are not always 5 stocks desirable for purchase.

1. Nike (NKE): $59.43
  • NKE:59.11-0.32 -0.54%

2. Brown-Forman (BF-B): $93.25
  • BF-B:93.23-0.02 -0.02%