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Investing in stocks is about more than just finding good companies selling for an attractive price.  Investors also need to sell those companies – even good companies – when the price is not attractive and prospects for appreciation have diminished.  The Market Update focuses on both buying and selling and since 2008, 92% of the DAGMA Market Update’s recommended stock and exchange-traded fund investments have been profitable:  268 out of 290 positions, at an average gain of 16.6% per position.  The high success rate is not an accident:  by analyzing historical precedent, any investor can determine when probability favors stock price appreciation, and when it does not – with resulting accuracy of greater than 90%!

What is historical precedent saying about the prospects for U.S. stock market right now?  To find out, sign up for a free trial to the DAGMA Market Update today!

This Week In the Market Update…

It Could Be Deflation. Commodities and global stocks have fallen into a bear market. Puerto Rico is bankrupt. Venezuela is experiencing economic depression and hyperinflation at the same time. German 2-year bond yields have a negative yield of almost -0.5%. Could these disparate concerns in the global financial markets have a single cause?  Read more

Chart of the Week

The stories in the media are clear: the recent plunge in U.S. stock prices has two causes: China and oil. But maybe there’s more to it than that? Read more in the January 19 issue of the Market Update.

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Top 5 Stocks

Based on closing prices on 2/2/16. There are not always 5 stocks desirable for purchase.

1. Norfolk Southern (NSC): $66.60
2. Prosperity Bancshares (PB): $40.48
3. AmerisourceBergen (ABC): $88.15
4. Bank of the Ozarks (OZRK): $42.85
5. Manulife Financial (MFC): $12.99