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Investing in stocks is about more than just finding good companies at an attractive price. You also need to be able to sell those companies – both good and bad – when that price is no longer attractive and the prospects for appreciation have diminished. It’s easy to get confused by which companies are honest, which ones create the greatest return and which ones will continue to provide profit. Paul Daggett is here to help you.

Since 2008, the DAGMA Market Update focuses on both buying and selling, as well as providing information on both sides of stock investment. So far, 92% of the Market Update’s recommended stock and exchange-traded fund investments have been profitable. In fact, 300 out of 325 positions had an average gain of nearly 17%! This success rate is not an accident. By analyzing historical precedent, Paul provides guidance so that you, too, can determine when probability favors stock price appreciation.

Do you want to see what historical precedent is saying about the prospects for the United States stock market right now? Check out these free articles to see what you’ll expect. Then, sign up today to start your no cost, no obligation trial subscription to the DAGMA Weekly Update.

This Week In the Market Update…

Trump and the National Debt. A little over a week ago, the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States made a remarkable series of comments related to the U.S. national debt. Donald Trump openly suggested that if he were president, he would consider defaulting on the U.S. debt. Specifically, he said that as president, “I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal” with U.S. Treasury bondholders to pay them less than full value.

That’s an alarming idea, so why didn’t financial markets react? Read more

Chart of the Week

Technical factors have been a great guide to U.S. stock market so far this year. Oversold conditions marked great buying opportunities in January and February, while overbought conditions in March signaled the beginning of a sideways correction. What does technical analysis suggest about the stock market’s next move? Find out more in the May 11 issue of the Market Update.

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Top 5 Stocks

Based on closing prices on 7/22/16. There are not always 5 stocks desirable for purchase.


U.S. Stock Sales

1. Brown-Forman (BF-B): $99.89
  • BF-B:48.88-0.04 -0.08%

2. General Dynamics (GD): $143.77
  • GD:189.63+1.33 +0.71%

3. General Dynamics (GD): $143.77
  • GD:189.63+1.33 +0.71%

4. Manulife Financial (MFC): $13.85
  • MFC:18.20-0.36 -1.94%

5. Proctor & Gamble (PG): $85.72
  • PG:91.05-0.08 -0.09%

6. Wells Fargo (WFC): $48.32
  • WFC:57.81-0.68 -1.16%

7. Wells Fargo (WFC): $48.32
  • WFC:57.81-0.68 -1.16%